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In traditional Curious George fashion an innocent field trip to the fire station turns out to be so much more. Join Curious George in this much loved story now available in a new and interactive way.

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Curious George has to be one of the most recognized and beloved characters of childhood. We grew up tagging along with George on his many adventures through hard copy books; our children experience them through books, cartoons and movies. Now, your child and you can join George using your iPad. Not only will this app entertain with the traditional story, but includes interactivity, activities and educational benefits.

Features include:

  • Two story options
  • Discussion points
  • Three settings for reading difficulty
  • Additional activities
  • Three languages


The developer has done a great job keeping the original images we know and love from our childhood and incorporating features associated with iPad technology giving us a new method for sharing this beloved adventure with the next generation.

Many features have been included to make the interface simple for users of all ages. One feature that is a must have in eBooks of any size is the ability to navigate easily and quickly within the story, the page index provided within both story options allows readers to move through pages that have been read.

Between the information menu, settings and video tour parents will find options for customizing the app to fit their child’s needs, additional information on how the app functions and the learning method the app is based on.


When children use Curious George and the Firefighters by iRead With they will see a book based on another fun-filled adventure involving one of their favorite characters, a book with light activity on each page and a theater activity based on the story. The many educational features will be invisible to them.

Parents, on the other hand, will appreciate the multiple educational benefits. The app is designed based on the dialogic reading method. This educational method of learning stresses the importance of parent-child interaction. Developers have built in discussion points in the Read & Talk story option to encourage those discussions and have provided a good amount of information for parents on how to extend the learning experience.

Both story options contain Living Words which are words that highlighted by color and animation with the intent to expand a child’s vocabulary. Parents have the ability to record those words using their own voices or use the prerecorded words. Additional Living Words are included as the reading level difficulty is increased.

One important feature missing from this app is text highlighting during the narrated story option.


Apps such as this provide multiple opportunities for entertaining the user. Curious George’s adventure during his trip to the fire station is entertaining in itself. Add in the theater activity where children can create their own short plays, even recording their own voices as they move their objects around the screen, and you’ll have a big hit on your hands.

Parents won’t need to worry about their little ones heading directly to the theater activity as items for the theater activity are only available after the reader completes portions of the story.


This open ended app is one that can be used for multiple purposes; it’s so much more than just a story. The three reading levels allow the app to grow with your child’s reading abilities.

Kids have enjoyed Curious George for generations that alone will keep them coming back to this app.

Child Friendliness

An uncomplicated app interface makes the app child-friendly for a wide range of users. Children can choose from two story options and the theater activity easily.

Parents will appreciate the protection on the information section which contains items intended for parents. That same protection would be beneficial on the settings section which is currently not protected. Items in the settings section are all intended for parent use only so they do require the same protection.

In traditional Curious George fashion an innocent field trip to the fire station turns out to be so much more. Join Curious George in this much loved story now available in a new and interactive way.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars