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Review Summary:

Disney Princess: Story Theater is a magical story app that allows children to put their imaginations to work by creating fun stories by choosing props, backdrops, and their own voices to scenes from the Disney Princess classics.


Disney Princess: Story Theater is an interactive story book that allows children to select princess characters, scenes, and various props to create the perfect story for later viewing. With favorite princess characters like Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella, this app gives little ones an opportunity to put their own twist on traditional favorites by recording their own versions of classic princess scenes. Also included is a free play area that provides more freedom in creating any number of unique stories.

Features include:

  • 3 Princess characters to choose from
  • 9 Scenes, surprises, and props
  • Free play
  • Story saving option


Disney always does a great job with their apps and Disney Princess: Story Theater is just one example of the great quality they provide. Not only is the app full of wonderful graphics, delightful music, and scenes from various Disney Princess favorites, but the app is also extremely easy to use. The transitions to and from each page are seamless and the simple tap/touch maneuvering is great for young users.

The voice record feature is also very easy to use and it allows children to add their voice by narrating the story they are creating. They can use their imaginations to create whatever story they wish by using the scenes, characters, and props provided. Another great feature in this app is the text highlighting that is used as the story is created.


While Disney Princess: Story Theater is more of an entertainment and creativity app for children, it does offer a few educational components. As each story is being created, there are parts of the story that are set based on the scenes, surprises, and props that are chosen. As the narrator reads this part of the story the text is highlighted at the bottom of the screen offering an opportunity for children to follow along and practice their reading skills.

The “Guide” section of the application also provides interesting ways to incorporate more learning opportunities through interaction with children as they play. For instance, parents may choose to teach their children about the different parts of the story such as the character, plot, and setting and incorporate that into the app as they play.


The entertainment value of this app is wonderful as it allows children to try out different characters, scenes, and props to create fun stories. The “Story Play” portion of the app provides a more guided approach to creating a story. Children are guided to select a character, a scene, a surprise, as well as a prop that will help enhance their story. The voice record button appears after selecting each part of the story allowing children to add their own twist to the scene by recording their own narration. Once the story is complete it can be saved for later viewing.

The “Free Play” area has much of the same concept, however it is far less structured. Children select a backdrop for the story and then have an opportunity to add any variety of props, music, and other characters. They can also narrate their own story and save it as well. The two variations of creative play make this app very versatile and it will appeal to children that enjoy structured or free play.


When you take into consideration the high quality illustrations and graphics as well as the seemingly unlimited play that this app offers, the price is pretty good. This is one app that will have a lot of staying power and will continue to interest children with a love for all things “princess” as they play it over and over again. I think parents will also be pleasantly surprised at the story and prop options available.

Child Friendliness

As you might expect from Disney, this app is extremely easy to use. The main page provides links to the various play areas of the app as well as an information button and a button that provides access to other Disney apps. The information button is where the guide, settings, and parent info is located as well as an advertisement for another Disney app. While these components are not in the story portion of the app, they are some things to be aware of.

Besides the one advertisement and the other apps link, the rest of the app is completely safe to use. There are no social media links to worry about and with the easy to use interface, this app is good for young children as well.

Disney Princess: Story Theater is a magical story app that allows children to put their imaginations to work by creating fun stories by choosing props, backdrops, and their own voices to scenes from the Disney Princess classics.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars