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DJ Mix Kids Pro is a kid-friendly music app that allows your child to create their own music. It is a well designed and reasonably priced app that offers many features.

The in-app help is easy to access and provides the perfect amount of detail for each button. The kids will probably skip right over this, and that’s OK, because the interface is intuitive. It’s nice to have the help for those that want the information or to use as a guide when your kids have questions.

This is a universal app and the design looks good on either device. One very important item to note is that though kids are able to record their music on either device; they will only be able to record their voice (with music) on the iPad.

The OFF button is one of my favorite features! It’s like a reset button; stopping ALL sounds and resetting all of the features. Various sound effects can be found in the Fun Sounds column (the column with the colored circles); one of eight sound effects can be selected at a time. The Beats column provides four beats to choose from; only one can be played at a time. What would a music recording app be without a Scratch Record (the DJ record scratching sound)!? The Music section lets you choose one of fifteen songs; such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Old McDonald. In the Percussion column you choose one or any combination of six instruments; all of which can be played at the same time. (This is why the OFF button is my favorite!)

One suggestion for improvement is to have the recorded music play back at the same volume as it was recorded.


DJ Mix Kids Pro is a robust music app for young kids. If you have music lovers at your house this is a must-have!
Be prepared for a fun app with lots of buttons to click and instruments to mix. Let sing together with our children, add lots of percussion instruments, choose a beat, create our own version of a favorite kids song and then share it with our friends. There are also some funny sounds and a scratch disc which make DJ MiX kids even more fun!! It’s time for your kid to be a DJ!

On the iPad children will be able to record music as well as their voices! Due to a difference in design, the iPhone will not play audio & record at the same time. Thus DJ Mix Kids is unable to capture both music & microphone input and will only record the melody.

The full list of songs are:
01 London Bridge is Falling Down
02 Itsy Bitsy Spider
03 Oh Susanna
04 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
05 Yankee doodle
06 Frere Jacques
07 If You’reHappy And You Know
08 Marcha Soldado (Brazilian folk song)
09 Old Macdonald Had a Farm
10 B-I-N-G-O
11 Muffin Man
12 Pop Goes the Weasel
13 Ten Little Indians
14 Cai Cai Balão (Brazilian folk song)
15 Hush Little Baby