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Learning new things is such important thing for small children. They need to know about some new simple things like alphabet, songs, animal and color.  For learning color, Dora Coloring Pages can be such a fun medium that your kids can use. Using Dora Coloring Pages Free Printable, there will be some pages of pictures available in the book where some pages has been colored and some other pages has not been colored. Your kids’ job is to give color to the pages in the book that has not been colored by looking to the example of the colored picture in the book.

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Why Dora Coloring Pages?

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Why Dora Coloring Pages? It is produced based on a famous cartoon in around the world. Almost all children in the world probably know about this cartoon. The full name of this cartoon is Dora the Explorer. In this cartoon, the main character which is Dora is a little kid who goes to some different places to travel around. The journey that is provided by the cartoon can always make children happy to watch this cartoon.

If you want to give Dora Coloring Pages, there are several options of picture that you can get for your kids.  You can get those pictures that have the places of setting in this cartoon or the characters in Dora. The places that appear in Dora the Explorer is various like her home, garden, pool, river and her grandmother’s house. By these places, your kids can learn about places, the function of things and of course the color of things.

The other option of Dora Coloring Pages is the picture of characters in Dora. You do not have to have Dora only in the picture as there are several others of character in this cartoon. The other characters are Boots the monkey, Diego the cousin of Dora, Dora’s backpack, the Map, Swipper, Isa the Iguana and many more. It is interesting as the characters that exist in this cartoon are not only human but also dead things like backpack and map. This way, it can be the plus factor of this cartoon as you can also introduce your kids to any other things that they will often see in the daily live.

So, rather than any other coloring pages, Dora Coloring Pages is way better than the other options. There are values of live included in this cartoon that you can teach your kids so that you do not only teach your kids about color but also some other value in live. The use of Dora Coloring Pages Printable as the medium makes the process of learning to your kids get easier so that they may be not aware that they have been taught about something.

It is so easy to get Dora Coloring Pages. They are available in the book store near your place if you want to buy them in the form of book. However, if the free edition is enough for you, Dora Coloring Pages to Print can be downloaded from the internet in so many variations of picture. Try to accompany your kids in coloring the pictures so that you can guide them and teach them about things in the pictures.

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Dora Coloring Pages to Learn New Things
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Dora Coloring Pages to Learn New Things
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