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Ellie’s Wings is the perfect universal app for little ones who like to be creative and have fun all at the same time.

Six different animated characters are available. The characters become animated at different times, such as when kids tickle the character’s tummy, a spider being added to the scene, or when paint spills to name a few. Characters included are a horse, bee, butterfly, peacock, dragon, and dragon fly. All of the characters are adorable. A favorite at my house was when the peacock faints as spiders are added to the scene. When paint spills the character provides a towel for you to clean up the mess.

Nine musical paint jars provide rich and vibrant colors for the decorating of the wings. The jars can be played like a xylophone. The colors are used for the paint brush, the splatter feature and the animated objects that can be used to decorate the character’s wings. Some of the objects are flowers that open and close, beating hearts and glittering lights. Regardless of which wing is being decorated, the opposite wing will be made identical automatically. The wings are symmetrical.

Finally have a masterpiece completed; simply snap a picture to save it in the in-app gallery and your device photos directory. Only 10 pictures will be stored in the in-app gallery at any one time. As a parent, I love this idea as it means one less place to clean up disk space.

Not only does the app have beautiful backgrounds and adorable characters, but also has fantastic music and enjoyable sounds that add to the entertaining environment; sounds such as birds chirping and water splashing.

Ellie’s Wings was designed with young kids in mind. The app interface is easy to use, not a lot of buttons or options to distract the kids.

We love kid-safe apps and Ellie’s Wings is a stand-out in that category. It does not contain in-app purchases, ads, social media buttons or external links. There are no buttons in the app that will cause them to unnecessarily exit the app. A menu for parents is available on the main screen as you enter into the app. There is not a button for returning to that screen from within the app.

Bottom line

Ellie’s Wings is a remarkable universal app that allows kids to be creative in a safe and entertaining environment; at a great price.

Ellie’s wings is a very unique and creative painting application for iPhone aimed at children aged 2.5 – 14. Targetting the Entertainment and kids/family categories on the iStore.

The game consists of lots of beautifully animated animals that interact with the child as they symmetrically paint on their wings. We have a Dragonfly, Bee, Pegasus, dragon (Friendly dragon) and other great animals.

Interaction is done by movement and sound of the animals as the kid paints.

The coloring of the wings is done via reg brushes and animation stickers such as opening up and closing flowers, light blinkings, moving starts etc.

Because of the symmetrical drawing and art work done on the animals wings automaticly looks like a great piece of art work.

We have also added commical moments to make the game more intresting and fun to play with moments such as such as: a scary spider sticker that frightens the animals and paint buckets that spills every once in a while.

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