How to Entertain Your Kids During a Road Trip

The concept of an amazing road trip adventure is one that’s becoming more popular, particularly with safety concerns at more crowded tourist hotspots throughout the world, and the problems that plague airports and airlines on what seems like a daily basis.

A road trip can be great for a family with kids as well because it can be budget-friendly and you can manage some of the logistical concerns you might experience traveling other ways. Sometimes, taking a road trip is just the easiest way to travel, whether you’re in a rented RV or your own family vehicle

There’s just one big question: how do you keep your kids entertained while you’re on the road between destinations? Here are some educational, effective ways to keep your kids from saying “are we there yet.”

Educational Apps

There are more educational apps than could possibly be named, and choosing them should be based on the age of your child, their interests and the skill you think are most important for them to be practicing when you head out on your trip. Just remember to download apps before you leave, and if your kids will be using apps that require a WiFi connection, try to bring a mobile hotspot and limit their time on the apps each day.

One app that is particularly great for kids in terms of being educational is called Lightbot, and it requires kids of all ages to solve coding and programming puzzles. It’s broken into different age groups so you can choose activities that are appropriate for your kids’ individual needs.

As a final note, try to provide fun, interactive learning lessons while your family is on the road. Focus the lessons on the destinations you’ll be heading next. Not only is this an educational way to keep your kids entertained while you’re traveling, but it will also help them connect with the places you’re going.

They’ll get more value out of each of your destinations if they learn background information about it on the way. It’ll be more exciting for them to visit places they’ve just learned about, whether it’s a monument, a national park, or a certain ecosystem.

Bring a Craft Box

When you’re at home with your kids in the routine of your everyday life, it can seem like a great idea to do crafts with them and let their creativity flow freely, but it doesn’t always seem to happen that way. Use a road trip as a great way to actually do some of the crafting you always wanted to with your kids.

Pack a box with craft supplies and things they’ll need to get creative on your RV trip.

Travel Games

There are some excellent travel games that are specifically meant for road trips. One of the favorites is called “Rubberneckers,” and it lets you go through games that will not just keep your kids and your entire family entertained, but will also provide some stimulation for the minds of your little ones while you’re at it.