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Review Summary:

See the world through the enchanting eyes of the extraordinary Jenny Jones. Travel through this enchanting story, and see for yourself that it’s ok to be a little different.


This captivating story follows Jenny Jones, an extraordinary little girl. Unlike the rest of the world, Jenny sees squares as circles, and circles as squares. This story is a great tool for helping children to understand that it’s ok to be different.

There are mini-games and puzzles along the way, so make sure you are ready to see your circles as squares. Get inside the mindset of Jenny Jones, with this beautifully illustrated app.

Features include:

  • Read to me or read myself options
  • Fun mini games
  • Hand illustrated
  • Moral message


This hand illustrated app is beautiful to look at. The attention to detail is second to none, each page must be appreciated for its design. There are 50 pages each individually hand illustrated.

Most scenes feature sound effects and animated graphics, which add to the user’s enjoyment. The app contains a number of mini games that aim to develop the child’s observational skills. For younger children, Jenny’s helpful cat can

The storyline is fun, engaging and will entertain the reader. The story encourages readers to embrace their individuality, and to feel proud of being different.


The app contains a number of hidden puzzle challenges. In these, the user must find and tap round objects to turn them square. This helps to build the child’s observational skills, dexterity and memory.

The story encourages moral development in the reader. With the understanding, acceptance and appreciation of Jenny’s special gifts, the reader is encouraged to draw parallels in their own life. While encouraging the reader to accept others who may be different, the story also encourages self acceptance.


The mini-challenges are fun and engaging. The timer adds an extra element of enjoyment, as the used races to complete the puzzle on time. For younger children, the hint tool may be used to help spot any missing objects.

The accented narration brings the story to life by adding an extra level of personality onto what is already a unique app. The reader can also choose to enjoy the app without narration. For parents reading to their child, or for children developing their reading skills, this app is a great reading tool.


This app is good value for money. In fact, during May you can download it for free.

The story will be enjoyed time and time again. As the child grows, their understanding of the story will develop and deepen, adding new levels of appreciation. This heart warming app is sure to become a family favourite.

Child Friendliness

This app is easy to use. Simple swipe and tap buttons are used to guide the user through the app and complete the mini games. The help/hint option is easily accessible in the form of a small cat character present on every page.

Once in game play, the app contains no external links, social media links, adverts or in-app purchases. However, these can be accessed through the homepage by tapping on a hidden object.

See the world through the enchanting eyes of the extraordinary Jenny Jones. Travel through this enchanting story, and see for yourself that it’s ok to be a little different.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars