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Indulge your children in the ultimate creative process with the Faces iMake app for iPad.

Utilizing a rainbow of colors and more than 200 objects your child can stretch their creative muscles to create faces, scenes and more.

Faces iMake is the brainchild of renowned educational artist Hanoch Piven. Modeled after his creative workshop series, Faces iMake is a tool to encourage young artists to see art in the every day.

The highly acclaimed iPhone version of Faces iMake has drawn attention from authors and specialists, who hail the app as an extraordinary right brain development tool. Parents of children with disabilities laud the app’s interface specifically for children with autism.

Now reconfigured for optimal iPad usage, Faces iMake emerges as a powerful creative outlet for children. Adult artists may find the app a whimsical break from more serious pursuits. You’re never too old to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

User Friendly

Creative space is the main feature of the Faces iMake iPad app. Other than two small side menus, everything on the screen is collapsible.

Your child can select a base for his creation, import pictures from the iPad’s camera roll, or use either of the iPad 2’s cameras to create in the moment art. Select a background color, and then it’s time to peruse rich libraries of items, from food and toys to kitchen and buttons. It’s all controlled with a touch.

Kid-Friendly Extras

An amazing collection of creative tutorial videos from Piven are just one of the app’s stellar extras. Your child can enjoy the custom Faces iMake track that comes with the application or stream music straight from your iTunes library.

The gallery function allows you to save creations or look through some of the Piven family’s inspirational Faces iMake creations.

Your children can also share the faces they make via email, Facebook, to your iPad camera roll or by ordering a custom picture puzzle through Tap2print.

A friendly parental warning: Tap2print puzzles do cost money so use caution with this function.

Faces iMake is a top of the line creative app appropriate for all ages with an intuitive user interface and dazzling extras.
I wanted to introduce you to our brand new app – Faces iMake HD

Faces iMake was developed in cooperation with leading artist and educator Hanoch Piven.

Piven, whose art has been featured in publications such as Time, The New York Times, and The New Yorker.

For the last decade, Piven has been conducting educational workshops in schools throughout the US and internationally, demonstrating his unusual approach to illustration and portraiture.
In his workshops, children create collages by arranging every-day ‘found objects,’ prompting them to discover connections between objects and meaning. The excitement of discovery provokes animated dialogue about the process.

After more then 800,000 download of the iPhone version comes the HD version which really what it was intended for.

Here is Faces site – www.facesimake.com

Here is iMagine machine™ site – www.imaginemachine.com

A link to Faces imake in the classroom – http://tumblr.com/xhw4v9nbto