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Disclosure: I received free shipping on my prints for review purposes.

FreePrints takes those priceless pictures from your phone, social media feeds, Dropbox, Google, and more, and allows you to print them for FREE. You won’t find a better deal.

Here are the specifics: Print up to 85 pictures per month (one copy of each), with a cap of 1,000 per year max. Pay only the shipping/handling fee, which ranges from $1.99 to a max of $9.99 and find the pictures in your mailbox in a few days.

It’s a pretty simple concept that works really well.


This app can access your photos from a remarkable number of sources, including your photo stream on your device, your social media accounts (like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), Dropbox, and Google Docs. Once you’ve snagged the perfect picture, you can crop it and zoom to fix it up just so, then order a free 4 x 6 print. It’s that easy!

The app includes paid options for enlargements, extra prints, and more, and it keeps track for you so you know exactly how many free prints you’ve ordered and how many you still have access to in a given time period. You can choose faster shipping at higher rates if you are in a hurry for your photos.

Users have unanimously reported that the prints are high quality photos that are true in color and resolution to what you see on your device’s screen. They arrive within the promised time frame, and service is outstanding.

It is also nice that you don’t need any peripheral devices or extra software to get these prints. You can do everything you need right on your device with ease.


Users should remember to do any serious photo editing in other applications, because this app just offers simple cropping and zooming options.

The price per print for paid photos is quite reasonable (about 9 cents per copy for the regular 4 x 6 size), but it’s easy to lose sight of the 85 pictures per month, 1,000 per year,  and no double prints limitations. However, as along as you check your order over carefully before submitting, there shouldn’t be any surprises.

Bottom Line

FreePrints is an outstanding (and economical) alternative to dragging your phone to the local store to get great quality prints from your camera roll or other sources. The pictures are high-quality and delivered quickly. For a small fee, you can get duplicates, and even enlargements up to 20 x 30. It’s easy to use and the company has outstanding customer service. What’s not to love?


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