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GazziliPuzzles, a universal app, contains twelve jigsaw puzzles. Kids must complete one puzzle before moving onto the next. A bonus puzzle is awarded after the completion of each puzzle. Difficulty of the puzzles increases as kids progress through the puzzles; the first puzzle contains six pieces and the last puzzle contains 20. The ability to control the number of pieces would be ideal as not all children are ready to move onto more difficult puzzles so quickly and may become frustrated.

After completion, each puzzle comes to life for a brief time. The app then automatically returns to the puzzles screen for the child to choose the next puzzle. After all puzzles have been completed the child is taken to the Gazzili Fun Page to see what the characters are up to. The fun page, which is now complete, contains each of the characters from the puzzles and the items from the bonus puzzles. It, too, is animated for a short time, before the app returns to the puzzles. Puzzles can be replayed in any order after all of them have been completed.

GazziliPuzzles offers an option for hearing impaired users who would like to see the words spoken appear on the screen. Sounds and music can be turned off, as can the narration of instructions. Overall, the app is cheery and fun; kids will like the bright colors, music and cute characters. Kids will be able to navigate the app fairly easily, without a lot of instructions; however there are a few buttons to be aware of. The app does contain social media buttons and external links; social media buttons are controlled by an option in the settings menu. Most of the external links are located in the menu; however, buttons for other Gazzili apps are located at the bottom of the main puzzle page and may be appealing to kids being they contain images of Gazzili characters. Ideally, all social media buttons and external links would be located all in one location, deep in the menu options so the child is not attracted to them.

This app is enjoyable on either device and works the same on both. Puzzle pieces are easy to position, even on the puzzles with 20 pieces.

Bottom line

GazziliPuzzles are cheery and fun jigsaw puzzles for young kids.
The next level of jigsaw puzzles is here! GazziliPuzzles is an amazing iPad, iPhone and iTouch app that teaches Preschoolers concentration, problem-solving and dexterity. Colorful GazziliWorld character puzzles become more challenging with each level. Complete each puzzle and watch it come to life!

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