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Inquisitive young minds will enjoy Goodnight ABC, a beautifully illustrated, easy to use, iPad only app that will entertain your youngsters for days while they learn the alphabet and increase their vocabulary.

I’ll try to not give away too many of the surprises that can be found throughout the app; that would spoil the fun, it won’t be easy. Goodnight ABC contains so many interactive objects it could take a long time to discover every single object. We found something new every time we played.

When you enter into the Learn to Play section you will see all 26 letters and their corresponding animals. Choose any letter to enter into the letter’s world, each letter world contains three activities; one allows kids to investigate the interactive objects, another aids them in increasing their vocabulary and, lastly, a coloring page.

As kids enter into the Letter’s world, they will find numerous interactive objects. In this mode, kids are able to investigate all of the objects to see what they will do when touched, tapped or moved across the screen. There are switches to flip, objects to drag or hold down and buttons to push. You can play golf with a gopher, pick up objects with a magnet, count to 10, make music with a nightingale, or enjoy things found at a circus. Don’t forget to put the animal and objects to bed by moving the sun across the horizon.

Enter into the vocabulary mode by touching the mortarboard icon. Now, when kids touch the objects they hear and see the word as it is spoken without all of the interactivity.

A coloring activity is part of the fun, too. Touching the coloring icon takes kids into a black and white picture of the letter world they were just playing in. Three brush sizes are available for the kids to use as they swipe the screen to reveal a colored version of the picture. Also available are reset, undo and redo buttons.

Additional information can be found on the How to Play, Settings and About Us menus. All three menus take you to the same screen. The only options in settings are for volume. About Us is where you will find external links to YouTube, Facebook, etc. Users will receive a popup warning that they are about to exit the app when any of the links are touched. The app does not contain in-app purchases or ads.

Bottom line

This is one app you will want to sit down and play with the kids! Goodnight ABC has what seems to be an unlimited amount of entertainment for curious young minds. It’s not only enjoyable, but educational and is reasonably priced.
Goodnight ABC is the App we created precisely with a young child’s needs in mind, so the line between learning and play is virtually non-existent. Goodnight ABC doesn’t just teach letters, letter sounds, and vocabulary, but also provides ample opportunities to learn colors, numbers, the basics of nature and technology and develop such important skills as logic, problem solving, and, of course, creativity. The App is fully interactive, vibrant, somewhat quirky, and never boring. To keep our young consumers eager to learn we included beautiful original art, games, exciting sound effects, animation, and hidden surprises in every one of the 26 pages. Children can ride a hot air balloon, play a musical instrument, create thunder and rain, visit a circus, lounge in an underwater hotel, even grow a potted plant if they like. The possibilities are endless.

Goodnight ABC is now available in the App Store for $1.99, and we are very excited about its launch.

Regular Price: $1.99