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  • Gozoa Goes Shopping
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A great math app that helps children learn the value of a dollar as they earn and spend gold coins to purchase clothing and accessories for Gozoa.

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What better way to teach your child about money and math than with a fun app? Gozoa Goes Shopping is a great app that allows children to earn and spend money on various clothing and accessories for Gozoa. Not only will kids learn the value of money, but they will also be able to practice their math skills in order to earn more money.

Features include:

  • Multiple profiles
  • Addition,subtraction, and multiplication problems
  • Many clothing and accessory options
  • Photo gallery


Gozoa Goes Shopping is an easy to use app with high quality illustrations that children will really enjoy. There are brightly colored accessories that children can purchase along with well-done background images that can be used to take a photograph of a particular style to save in a photo gallery for later viewing. Developers have also included a simple way for children to take their own pictures to set as the background where they can be included in the photo with Gozoa.

One thing that I noticed in this app was the lack of background music and sound effects. The sound effects that were included were minimal and while some parents might enjoy a quieter app, it might help make it a little more enjoyable for children to include some sort of theme music.


The primary purpose of this app is to allow children to practice their math skills in order to earn money that can then be used to purchase various items for Gozoa to wear in his photos. There are three types of math problems (addition, subtraction, and multiplication) as well as three difficulties to choose from. The difficulties range in problems that include numbers 1-10. 1-20, and 1-30. Once players have selected the appropriate type of problem and difficulty, they are then presented with a problem that they must answer in order to earn money.

What’s great about how the math problems are set up is that for some of the less difficult problems, there are pictures to help children as they play which is nice for little ones just starting out. The more difficult problems show numbers only, therefore making the problem a bit more challenging. Another great thing about this app is that it teaches children how to earn money, discern if they have enough, and make purchases based on how much they have.


As children are learning about the value of money and solving math problems, they are also spending money by shopping for various clothing items to dress Gozoa up in. They have their choice of shirts, pants, hats, and other accessories that they can mix and match to come up with the perfect look. After their outfit is selected they can choose one of the preselected backgrounds or create their own using the photo option. Children are sure to enjoy the freedom they have shopping, playing dress-up, and taking photos of Gozoa for their gallery.


Priced at just under a dollar, Gozoa Goes Shopping is a wonderful deal, especially since it allows three separate profiles to be used within the app. Not only is it a great math app, but it also can help parents teach children the value of money. Using this app to teach children this important life lesson is not only affordable, but it’s fun too!

Child Friendliness

Gozoa Goes Shopping is an intuitive app that children of all ages can enjoy. Not only does it not have any in-app purchases or social media links, but it is also very easy for children to move through the app without getting stuck in one place. Younger children may need a little assistance with some of the math problems, but after a little guidance they can certainly enjoy playing it like the bigger kids. Parents will also appreciate this app if they have multiple children who could benefit from a bit of math practice as well.

A great math app that helps children learn the value of a dollar as they earn and spend gold coins to purchase clothing and accessories for Gozoa.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars