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Hazy Dell is a beautifully illustrated, quirky Halloween tale with a twist that leaves the ghouls running scared. The book includes Read To Me and Read To Myself features.

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It’s Witching Hour in Hazy Dell has been a Halloween favorite in our house since it launched 2 years ago.

The story – which is beautifully told and illustrated – follows the Cyclops Witch, the Willowy Reaper, the Prune-skinned Goon and other creepy folks as they wander in to Hazy Dell to scare it’s citizens. Hazy Dell maybe a sleepy town, but these ghouls soon get payback courtesy of some ninja-dream-koalas and others.

While this book doesn’t include a lot of additional features or activities – what it does, it does very well. We highly recommend adding this to your Halloween app list.

Features include:

  • Read To Me
  • Read To Myself
  • Send a Postcard


We give this app top marks for quality and design. 5 out of 5!

The app has fabulously quirky illustrations and professional audio narration, with nice animated touches and audio throughout. We rated this iPad book app 4 for education. It is a wonderful book which will, hopefully, instill a love of reading in young kids.

To increase it’s educational value, word highlighting should be an option at a minimum. In the Read To Me version, the lines of the story float in, but while it is a nice effect, we think highlighting individual words more effective.

The story itself is fun and entertaining, but we would like to have seen some interactive elements too.

The “Send a Hazy Dell” e-card simply sends a Hazy Dell Happy Halloween card via email.

The app is easy to use, but once in the story there is no way to easily navigate back home, or to other pages within the story.

The settings icon, which is included on the home screen and throughout the story, includes Narration On/Off and Sound Effects On/Off.

Settings screen includes Twitter, Facebook and Email links which we don’t like to see to easily accessible to children.

While this app doesn’t include much in the way of extras, at $1.99 for a fun iPad / HD book app, we consider this good value.Available on the App Store