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Come join Mookie and his nine monster friends in a friendly game of hide and seek. Hiding Monsters is an enchanting book app with rhyming verse and a monster to be found on every page.

The monsters are more adorable than scary. Through a rhyming verse, the reader is introduced to the monster hiding; such as Bommy the yeti who lives in a snow bank with his mommy. Watch out for Bommy! He has a habit of throwing snowballs, forcing the reader to clear the screen.

The text of the story, which can be narrated, appears in an easy to read font and location. Text does not highlight when narrated. Narration is done by Tommy Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob Squarepants. Each page can be replayed by pressing the page replay button and an option to turn narration off is available on the main screen.

The reader is encouraged to touch anywhere on the screen to find the monster. You never know where you may find them, their hiding spot changes every time the book is read. Additional interactivity may appear after a monster is found. Nessie loves to blow bubbles for the reader to pop, Drake the Dragon blows smoke that obscures the screen, and Roger grows and grows.

Delightful illustrations, suspenseful music and many fun sounds, draw the reader into the game of hide and seek. Kids are so quickly engrossed they cannot wait to start touching when a page is turned. An option to turn music off is available on the main screen.

Home and page navigation buttons are available on every page of this easy to use e-book. A start again button is available on the last page and an option to turn Hints off is on the main screen.

Hiding Monsters does not include in-app purchases, ads or social media buttons; however, it does contain external links, one you will want to warn young users about is located on the last page. Ideally, links like this would be located where children will not access them easily.

Being a universal app, this e-book is enjoyable on either device. Buttons and interactive objects work well on the smaller screen for adults and kids.

Bottom line

Hiding Monsters is a charming e-book in which the reader plays a friendly game of hide and seek with a lovable group of monsters. The app is highly interactive and reasonably priced.
Hiding Monsters is an interactive book for children 2-5 about a group of monsters that love to hide. Users can search for the monsters on each page, and the hiding places change with every reading. Voices are provided by Tom Kenny, voice of TV’s Spongebob Squarepants, illustrations are by Melanie McCall, a digital artist from Sesame Workshop, and the music is by The Bonebrake Ensemble featuring D.J. Bonebrake of the band X.

It’s the follow-up to Hiding Hannah, an app that won Second Place in the Best Toy App category of the 2011 Best App Ever Awards!

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