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Kids can learn about 50 trees and much more in this high-quality book which provides an interactive science lesson.

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Learn all about trees in this fun book featuring Dr. Seuss style rhymes and the beloved Cat in the Hat. While the rhymes don’t give it an educational feel, the book is chockfull of information about all kinds of different trees. Kids will learn how trees grow, why trees have different kind of leaves, how to tell the age of a tree, and why trees have different kinds of bark and seeds. They’ll build their science vocabularies too as they follow along with Dick and Sally as they learn from the Cat in the Hat.

Features include:

  • Record your own narration
  • Fact boxes with additional information
  • Highlighted text
  • Tappable pictures and words
  • Informational diagrams


This story impressively combines Dr. Seuss style rhymes and some of kids’ favorite Dr. Seuss characters with a wealth of information about trees. Thing 1 and Thing 2 even make random appearances throughout the story to present kids with more information. As kids read through the story, they’re treated to colorful diagrams and illustrations of the trees mentioned in the story and many more. The background music, sound effects, tappable pictures, and random animations help enhance the reading experience.


While this book features the same tappable words and pictures and highlighted text as most Oceanhouse Media e-books, it offers even more. The amount of information about trees found within the story rivals the amount of information found in a science textbook or even a field guide to local trees. Not only are different features of trees described in the text, but as kids read they are shown the name and pictures of even more trees. Tapping on the names of those trees reveals boxes that offer descriptions of the specific trees. In addition to the boxes of information about trees, kids will also find colorful diagrams and other illustrations designed to help them understand complicated scientific processes, such as how trees grow.


Often educational rhyming texts can become a bit cheesy, but this story skillfully combines educational information with catchy rhymes that kids will enjoy. Beyond listening to the rhymes, kids will find plenty to entertain them. Each page features multiple images, words, and other features for kids to tap on and interact with.


The title does not disappoint. As kids read through the story, they will learn about at least 50 trees, if not more. They’ll also discover other important scientific information, such as how trees grow and produce food, why trees have different types of bark, and why some trees produce large seeds. All of this information makes the book worth the price.

Child Friendliness

Listening to silly rhymes and learning about trees is all parents have to worry about their kids doing as they read through this story. Its illustrations, interactive features, and even the story itself have all been designed with kids in mind. Access to the app’s info page and other apps is blocked by specific instructions for parents. Since older kids who know how to read and follow those instructions may also enjoy this story, parents should remind them to stay within the story and not pay a visit to the app store.

Kids can learn about 50 trees and much more in this high-quality book which provides an interactive science lesson.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars