iLuv Drawing Animals – Learn to Draw 40 Animals

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Are your children getting tired of the same old coloring and doodling apps? Give the multifunctional iLuv Drawing Animals iPad app a chance to expand their creative skills. This app combines coloring, sketching and fun drawing how-to tutorials for 40 popular animals in a colorful app kids are sure to love.

Easy, Fun Learning

Through a series of verbal and on-screen instructions, the iLuv Drawing Animals app will have your child drawing fun new pictures in a matter of minutes. By breaking photos down into basic shapes and utilizing helpful tracing lines, this app makes learning how to draw animals super simple.

Your child starts the fun by choosing a shape she wants to draw. How about a smiling dolphin or a tall giraffe? Then the app carefully walks him through drawing the animal, step by step. After her masterpiece is complete, the tracing lines disappear and it’s time to color and choose a fun background for the drawing.

A helpful hint: outlines must be completed in pencil for permanent lines that cannot be colored over. Blank screens are available if your child wants a little artistic freedom.

Sharing Solutions

Once she is done with the personalized drawing (whether it’s an owl, koala, jellyfish or lion) it’s time to share. Drawings can be saved to your iPad’s camera roll or to the app’s drawing book. From there it’s up to you. iLuv Drawing Animals supports email sharing, instant Facebook uploads or creations can be shared with the app developers.

A Couple Concerns

While the app does automatically select some input options, such as the pencil for tracing, it can be a bit complicated to erase mistakes and adjust the size of the drawing tool. There are several size options both for color and for erasing. This app might be a little confusing for younger users. Consider supervising the fun.

Also, the “More” button on the iLuv Drawing Animals home page contains a link to additional applications for sale from the developer. While this is not an overt advertisement, it’s still worth mentioning. We suggest password protecting your iTunes account before handing this app to your child.

Bottom line

iLuv Drawing Animals is an exciting app with a lot of learning opportunities and an adorable cast of animals to draw. Supervise younger children’s game play.

There are a lot of drawing and coloring apps, there are some apps that teach you how to draw, but ‘iLuv Drawing Animals’ is the ONLY app out there that teaches you how to draw a wide selection of 40 popular animals. Learning to draw is made fun and easy only with ‘iLuv Drawing Animals’.

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The animals are broken down into very simple “traceable” templates coupled with friendly voice instructions. Learn to draw by tracing over simple steps. After the drawing is complete the reference drawing is removed making it look like the drawing you created all by yourself. You can color and add background to the finished drawing; save and share it with friends, family, classmates and teachers.

Ideal for parents who want more than just the entertainment value. This app is great for homeschooling. Parents can learn the steps themselves and in turn teach those steps to the kids. You will be expert within days.

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