iSpy Phonics

iSpy Phonics provides flashcards for alphabet letters and their sounds. There are also flashcards for the consonant sounds of ch, ng, sh and th. When you tap on a flashcard you won’t hear the name of the letter, instead you will hear the sound it makes. I was happy to see an app focusing on the sounds because it’s an important reading skill. After your child has listened to the sounds they can view another flashcard that shows an object beginning with the sound. If they tap on the picture they’ll hear the name of the object shown. Each sound has one accompanying word and one empty flashcard. Your child can use the empty flashcard to showcase their own object that begins with the letter sound. iSpy Phonics allows them to take a picture with the iPhone’s camera, choose an image from the camera roll or photo library or paste in an image from another location. They will also be able to record themselves saying the name of the object. Even though there is only one blank flashcard I discovered that you can replace the original flashcard with your own by using an edit button. Original flashcards can be restored through the app’s settings.

I like the fact that iSpy Phonics focuses on letter sounds while also providing an interactive feature. By creating their own flashcards your child will have to look around themselves and think about those sounds. My only suggestion for the app is to provide more blank flashcards.

*A note, the voice’s in the app are British and I noticed that the vowels are pronounced slightly different from how I say them with my American accent.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

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Seller: Bappz

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.