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Review Summary:

A cute Halloween themed app with lots of creative creature puzzles to piece together.

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Jigsaw Puzzle With Monsters is a cute puzzle app featured in our At-A-Glance: Halloween Apps For Kids post that allows children to put together various fun and silly creatures. This app is great for youngsters wanting to get into the spirit of Halloween with a little monster play.

Features include:

  • Easy to use
  • 12 Puzzles
  • Fun characters


This simple to use app includes some very creative monster images and names for children to play with. Each puzzle comes with a board for children to complete by simply tapping and dragging the pieces into place. The monster sound effects are done very well and aren’t too scary so little ones can easily enjoy this app without being afraid.

The only complaint I have is the method that is used to exit each puzzle to move back to the main page. The instructions state that there is an exit symbol on the screen in order to get back to the main menu, but I was unable to find it. There is a button in the top of the screen to go back to the main page but it is child protected so users have to touch the button twice to move on. This could be a little frustrating for young children as they don’t have the freedom to move on to the next puzzle.


This app is not being reviewed for education.


This is a great app for little ones to get them excited about Halloween. The simple puzzles are not only fun to put together, but some of them can be quite a challenge as the number of puzzle pieces increase as players move further down the line. After each puzzle is put together correctly, the monster’s name appears at the bottom of the page and it makes a unique sound.

With the cute illustrations and fun sound effects, players are going to love piecing these puzzles back together.


Priced at just under three dollars this app might be a bit much for some parents. There are 12 puzzles to complete, however there are no other activities for children to enjoy. Adding even one additional activity might help increase the value a bit. With that said, this is an app younger children can enjoy more than once because puzzles provide classic fun!

Child Friendliness

With no social media links or in-app purchases, this app is great for kids. The developers have done a nice job ensuring children can easily put the puzzle pieces together by dragging and dropping them in place. As children drag and drop the pieces into place, children will find the pieces expand a bit making it easier to place correctly. This really helps little ones get the pieces into the correct space.

The main page also shows a link to other apps by the same developer and the button is not protected, however the way they have it set up with a child lock in place, young children aren’t likely to get back to the main page without the help of an adult. This is one area parents will want to be aware of.

A cute Halloween themed app with lots of creative creature puzzles to piece together.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars