Keep Safe – Apps for Eva Review



The Keep Safe – Apps for Eva app was designed to be a safe photo/video viewer for children.  With Keep Safe – Apps for Eva, parents can allow kids to enjoy photos and videos on their device without any chance of having them accidentally deleted!  The app features an inconspicuous child lock, and there are no photo editing features at all – it is simply a photo/video viewer for kids to use.  I thought this app had a great concept, and would be really helpful for parents.There is a full tutorial available upon request, as well as a detailed description available on the following Facebook page –  Basically, though, parents will use a 2 button, 3 second hold, home button lock combination that will provide maximum protection for when kids view photos/videos on their device.  No more kids accidentally deleting your favorite photos and videos – especially their own keepsakes!  Parents can also choose which photos/videos their kids can see, and for how long kids can view the photo/videos.

I really like the Keep Safe – Apps for Eva photo/video viewer app.  I think that this app could be very helpful for parents.  I would definitely recommend this app to parents of children who like to view their photos and videos on their phones!