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Kid Weather is a kid-friendly weather app that can be used for educational purposes or just for fun.

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Available on the App Store

Kid Weather is an interactive app to introduce your young child to weather and weather related topics in a fun and safe environment.

Features include:

  • Activity for changing the weather conditions to see how one should dress
  • Current weather conditions and future forecast
  • Weather related trivia, fun facts, safety tips and more
  • Activity for plotting weather daily


Kid Weather is a nicely designed app and of good quality overall. Users can customize their avatar, choosing gender and type of character, and can choose a location.

The bright colors, crisp graphics and cute avatars draw kids into the app and provide for a cheery learning environment.

Even after a recent update the app still needs some minor enhancements before Kid Weather can be a five-star contender. One quirk that we found to be very frustrating was in the process of choosing a location. The user needs to be careful of how the location is chosen. Be sure to choose the location from the listing even if the location was found by entering the zip code. The user cannot just enter the zip code and press enter; doing so hangs the app, which then requires more than just reopening the app.

Kid Weather offers a variety of activities to make learning about weather fun; from changing the temperature and conditions to see what one should wear, reading trivia or charting the weather daily.

The charting activity allows users to choose the day of the week and choices to describe the weather; such as foggy, sunny, or hot, warm, mild and cold. The graph can be viewed by the current or previous week, or current or previous month. Additional options for plotting the weather would be helpful. Currently the only view is by hot, warm, mild or cold. Viewing by sun, rain, snow, windy and so on would be beneficial in extending the educational value of the app.

The app is ideal for the classroom or home. Children as young as toddlers could use it with some assistance. Kids beyond elementary/intermediate school may find the design too childish and features too limiting.

This app is not a game, but most kids will find it entertaining. My family happens to be one that is interested in most things related to the weather so we enjoyed the app. The trivia section covers a variety of topics; such as clouds, animals and weather, extreme weather, instruments, lightening, and expressions or idioms. These topics and the ability to convert degrees between Fahrenheit and Celsius increase the entertainment value.

The app is currently at a reasonable price point. It contains a number of activities and a good amount of content to interest most kids. The addition of trivia and other weather related content, and additional features, during future updates to the app would prolong the staying power of the app on our devices.

Kid Weather contains an intuitive design for the intended audience. An internet connection is needed. Social media buttons are tucked away under a settings menu and the app does not contain in-app purchases.

Available on the App Store