Distant Suns 3 HD App by First LightDistant Suns 3 HD astronomy app by First Light

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Buy it? Yes
iPhone / iPod / iPad app: $9.99
iPad Only / HD app: $9.99
Universal app : $9.99

Solar Walk 3D app

Distant Suns is a truly amazing app, and has a lot of excellent features and personally, I have had a lot of fun trying to identify stars and planets with my kids.

Due to the subject and all the features, it is quite a complex app. Compared to GoSkyWatch which I found easy to get the hang of straight away, Distant Suns needs some getting used to. However, once I got used to it – and worked out how to turn the compass on and off – I preferred it to GoSkyWatch.

Distant Suns includes scientific information for stars, planets, and constellations and also some descriptions. I appreciated the descriptions as they were informative without being too technical – and sometimes even amusing; Sun is “hot”. By comparison, GoSkyWatch had links to Wikipedia which crashed every time I tried to use it. One downside of Distant Suns, is that the compass needs iPhone 3GS or later to work.

Bottomline: a fantastic app for anyone interested in learning about the night sky – and who is willing to learn a somewhat complex app.

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