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[tabtext]Our Review[/tabtext] [tabtext]Description[/tabtext] Find them all is an absolutely adorable free game for toddlers and preschoolers, although older children might just find themselves playing with it too.

The Find Them All: Farm Animals app works on different levels because you find animals, both visually and audibly – the closer you get to the animal, the louder it sounds. As you find more the animals you get rewards – the first one allows you to take photos, the next one is earned once all animals are found and allows you to print a booklet. You can also go to the photo album to play with puzzles made from the photos you took. Keep on playing after you find all the animals and the game turns to nighttime mode and you look for the animals in the dark.

This free app does everything right to make the app both kid and parent friendly: giving a fully working free version, no ads, and the ability to lock in-app purchases in the settings.

Improvements?: I would like to have seen instructions for the games as it isn’t clear at first how to get the camera, get nighttime mode or play with puzzles. A couple of comments mentioned an issue with the voice-over being “a little off”. I actually quite like the cute French accent, although I understand why it might not work for some parents and kids.

Bottom-line: I highly recommend trying the free app and upgrading to the African Animals too. View More By This Developer Open iTunes to buy and download apps. Description Find Them All : Looking for animals is a game for CHILDREN AGED 2 TO 8 YEARS in which they will discover animals in their natural environment (farm, savanna, desert…).

***** designed for young kids ***** – Help and instructions are SPOKEN (English and French) – Optimized controls (touch, swipe) – No ads, easy interface

***** The game: step by step ***** – “Where is …”: only one animal is on the stage, you have to scroll to find it. A “bobble head” card then appears. – “Make a photo”: when all animals are found, you win a camera. You can then take photos. – “Night begins to fall…”: you have to touch the more animals you can before the night falls. – “Night: only eyes appear…”: you have to find remaining animals with the help of a broken light. – “Make a puzzle”: you can make jigsaw puzzles from the camera (4/6/12/20 on iphone and 4/6/12/20/42 pieces on ipad). – “End of the stage”: play again to find other animals in new landscape.

***** Other features ***** – The Card Album contains all the “bobble head” cards unlocked during the game. – The Photo Album contains all the photos taken during the game. you can choose a photo to play puzzle.

***** Printable booklets as rewards ***** – When you find all the 24 animals of a world, you win a printable booklet to fold, with separated heads to cut and paste. – When you take at least 12 photos, you can move or delete them and print the album (one page contains 12 photos). – Use AirPrint, Itunes shared folder or email to retrieve / print pdf files.

***** Farm animals ***** – Contains 24 animals: bee, donkey, lamb, duck, cat, horse, goat, dog, pig, rooster, turkey, frog, owl, rabbit, sheep, goose, magpie, colt, hen, chick, fox, mouse, turtle, cow – Farm environment: prairies, fields, pound…

***** Animals of Africa (In-App purchase

***** – Contains 24 animals: lion, lioness, meerkat, cheetah, hyena, ostrich, okapi, elephant, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, crocodile, springbok, greater kudu, dromedary, fennec fox, cobra, oryx, gorilla, chimpanzee, baboon, flamingo – African environment : desert, savanna, jungle…