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While some kids do well in math, many struggle with word math problems which are a standard in many school math curricula.

Word math problems are very challenging because students need to pull out critical information to solve the math problem; ignoring extra or misleading information.

The iLiveMath series of math apps takes word problems and relates them to subjects that appeal to kids. If your kid likes cars try iLiveMath Ford Cars, if your kid likes animals try Animals of Asia or Africa.

In addition to appealing to children, this series of apps – which was developed by a credentialed teacher – also help teachers in the classroom. Since it’s launch this app has grown to include the ability to project the app in a classroom using a VGA adapter. Teachers and parents can also email results of publish them to a blog.

Bottomline: Technically, this app isn’t the most innovative and as a designer I would like to see a few tweaks here and there, but as a parent I think this series of math apps is one of the best out there and covers a very important part of the math curriculum.

iLiveMath Apps Themes

iLiveMath Oceans
iLiveMath Animals Of Africa
iLiveMath Animals of Asia
iLiveMath Speed
iLiveMath Trains
iLiveMath Entomology
iLiveMath Farm Fresh
iLiveMath Ford Cars
iLiveMath Winter Sports

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