JumpStart My ABC Book - Knowledge Adventure

ABC Stickers is a best app because of the sticker book approach to learning ABC’s making it a fun activity that kids will enjoy and be familiar with.

There are 2 modes: make and learn, or quiz. The make and learn section is where you can create and save your own sticker pages, while in the quiz mode you find the sticker that matches the letter. Also inlcude in the app are a song and rhyme for each letter – this is one of my favorite parts of the app.

The stickerbook is a bit of a let down as it’s not interactive at all, yet I expected it to be. I think this area of the app needs rethinking.

Overall, the design of the app is good, but is not a standout with elements looking more like clip art than designed for the app.

Bottomline: This is a good app to include if you like to have different ABC apps for your child, which I think helps keep the child interested and helps with different learning styles. However, if you are looking one app to cover the ABCs, this is  not the one I would recommend.

[appimg 439815765]