Grimm's Rapunzel - 3D Interactive Pop-up BookGrimm’s Rapunzel – 3D Pop-up Book by Ideal Binary

Rating: 5 out of 5
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iPhone / iPod / iPad app: $3.99
iPad Only / HD app: n/a
Universal app : $3.99

Solar Walk 3D app

Why is this a best app for kids?
Grimm’s Rapunzel takes a classic story and turns it into a beautiful, interactive app while staying true to a vintage printed fairy tale.

This is a stunning interactive book that is beautifully illustrated in a pop-up style, with cute activities throughout. Unlike some other ebooks, you play activities as part of reading the book, which I feel makes it a lovely experience altogether but might frustrate some readers who just want to either read the book or play the games. Not every page in the book has a pop-up illustration and these pages, although beautifully styled, but might be too text heavy for some readers.

I love this book and I can defintiely see it appealing to girls ages 2 – 6 years old, although younger readers will probably need some help with the activities.

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Pop-up style illustration
Interactive activities accompany the story


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