Wolfie By ianka fleerackersWolfie By ianka fleerackers
4 star rating from BestAppsForKids.com



Device: iPad
Price: $0.99

Wolfie is a wonderful interactive story that inspires the scientist in kids through playing and reading.

Wolfie is a young inventor with big ideas – and in this story he is building a laughing machine. Throughout the app you get to help Wolfie with his invention and get introduced to Leonardo Da Vinci and Sir Isaac Newton along the way.

This is a creative – and fun story- with a few things that could be improved. The voice over is lovely, but accented and some words are spelled for English audience rather that American, such as colouring – this might be an issue for some readers. The coloring page is something that gets sent and printed, not for coloring within the app.

Bottom-line: I love the story and hope the app continues to improve.

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