Tiny Loto - 3Daddies

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[tabtext]Our Review[/tabtext] [tabtext]Description[/tabtext] This is a very cute, simple and well designed app that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

To play kids match cards by dragging them to the matching design helping with both hand-eye coordinations and object recognition. The game includes animals, shapes, letters, colors and other objects in 13 different card pack packs. It might be nice to add visual pointers to get the child started, but I also like that the child gets to work the game out themselves.

Bottom-line: great first app for toddlers, but a little overpriced compared to other apps. Let your child enjoy and learn about colors, shapes, animals and other concepts in a colorful and intuitive game. Introduce him to the magical world of iPad or iPhone and let him do it all by himself with this simple game. With Tiny Loto your toddler will experience fun and educational card game, blended with amusing sounds and fabulous Loto cards. Let him match the Loto board’s cards by dragging each time a single card from the deck and putting it above the relevant card of the Loto board. Watch him enjoying the sounds and animations, learning to identify colors shapes and objects, and challenge him with new exciting boards. The game develops an eye-hand connection and conceptual perception. It all began when 3 devoted daddies decided to develop an iPad/iPhone application for their toddlers… and what do you know – it is now published and available for all!

Tiny Loto features: – 13 fantastic boards containing various themes such as domestic animals, geometric shapes, vehicles and much more. – Special tunes and sounds, giving your toddler feedback and creating for him a fascinating fun atmosphere Hope your child will enjoy playing it as much as our children do 🙂