Tiny Ocean app for toddlersTiny Ocean app – Milo Creative

Rating: 4 out of 5
Buy it? Yes
iPhone / iPod / iPad app: $0.99
iPad only / HD app: n/a
Universal app : n/a

Solar Walk 3D app

Very cute for first app for toddlers with great graphics, simple “touch and explore” interactivity and fun sounds.

Although, this is a wonderfull first app it won’t really hold the attention of children over 4. That being said, as a mother of 3, I would have loved this app for that 9 to 18 month stage. It’s bright and simple, and just a fun way of spending some quality time with your toddler.

App Features:

  • simple “touch and explore” interatctions for toddlers
  • bright and colorful graphics
  • learn words like crab, fish, shrimp, sun and moon

Screenshots for the Tiny Ocean app

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