Toddler Counting & Alphabets - Dinosaurs app by Space MachineToddler Counting & Alphabets – Dinosaurs app by Space Machine
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Like the previously reviewed app Preschool Find & Match ABC’s & 123′s app by Space Machine, this app teaches preschool and kindergarten kids essential number and letter basics.

This app approaches learning ABC’s and numbers in a simple way that incorporates puzzles and dinosaurs to teach children number and letter sequencing. This app is simple, fun and without unnecesary distractions.

Like previous apps from Space Machine, the parental settings are not easily accessed by the child using the iPad. You need to press and hold this button for 3 seconds, but it felt more like 10. Once on the settings page, you can personalize with the child’s name, add your email to receive certificates for your child via the app, activate hard mode (numbers up to 20), save sticker page to album, sound preferences and get more information about the company.

The design is okay, but needs “something” to make it more appealing to kids. That being said, it could just be me being a fussy designer-type.

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