WordUs2 App By Binary Dawn InteractiveWordUs2 App By Binary Dawn Interactive

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Buy it? Yes
iPhone / iPod / iPad app: $1.99
iPad Only / HD app: n/a
Universal app : n/a

Solar Walk 3D app

WordUs2 is a fun word game that is part word ladder and part Mastermind. The quick start game has you guessing a 5 letter word, but go into Select Game Mode and you can set the options for words as small as 3 letter words. Also in game mode, you can play Calm and Collected where you guess the word in you own time, Think Fast which is a timed round, and a couple of other options too.

Personally, I love a good word game and this game is no exception, although unlike some word games like Scrabble this one works for kids aged a young as preschoolers.

Another plus is that you can play on on Open Feint, so you can compare scores to your friends. Although, it would also be nice if it could work with Apple’s own Game Center.

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