Solar Walk 3D app

Another app from Scholastic, this time based on the Clifford books and tv shows. Like “I Love You Through and Through” this Scholastic eBook is good, not outstanding, but captures the simplicity of the original books. The nice thing about this app, is that there is also a simple game which will appeal to young kids. Steer left and right to collect items in your path, such as bones for Clifford.

Sure the app is easy, but it lacks some simple navigation elements like to be able to go to the main menu from a page in the book, the app does not remember which page you are on if you restart the app – and it’s not always easy to get the full animation when you “touch or tilt”.

Scholastic is a leader in the field of early eductaion entertainment, so I am a little dissappointed that these apps just don’t go the extra step to being brilliant. I even had to add a new star rating to the site for “good apps”, because it’s important that Scholastic apps are on the site, but they just aren’t quite a “best app” yet.

Bottomline: if your kids love Clifford the Big Red Dog, I am sure they will love this app, despite it’s flaws.

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