The Little Mermaid eBook By Auryn IncThe Little Mermaid eBook By Auryn Inc
5 stars

The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson is a romantic story, and this app draws you deep into it. Each page has amazingly beautiful watercolor illustrations with small, but perfect animations while pages turn from text to illustration.
The interactive quality of the water is simple, serene and beautiful – like dipping your fingers into a rock pool and seeing the underwater world become temporarily obscure. Unlike many eBooks, everything about this app draws you deeper into the story rather than trying to entertain with animations and other interactive features.

If you have downloaded other book apps, you will probably notice that many standard features are missing from this app. There are no preferences that allow for read to me or read to myself, the pages don’t swipe to turn,  and there is no easy way to get back to the home screen of the app. The page turning arrows also look easy to miss at first glance and don’t do justice to the rest of the artwork. This is not a perfect app in some practical regards, but as a story it is perfectly done.

Note:  I look for near perfection when I give 5 stars, but I am giving this app 5 stars despite some flaws in the hope that the app continues to improve while keeping all the beautiful simplicity.

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