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Kids will always have new content with a monthly subscription to KidsCast, an app full of games, books, and shows.

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KidsCast is designed as an all-in-one entertainment center for kids. Within the app, kids can watch shows, read books and magazines, and play fun games. Parents can curate their own library of content to download for children so it’s accessible all the time.

Features include:

  • Monthly subscription service
  • Books for children to read
  • Issues of Imagine Magazine
  • Games and other activities


The app is laid out fairly clearly. Kids are first shown the Imaginarium, where they can access books and issues of Imagine Magazine. If they swipe the screen and follow the signs, they’ll find other categories too, such as games, shows, and content to download. Content kids cannot access is labeled with a lock. There is enough content available for free that kids can get a feel for the app before parents decide whether to purchase a subscription or sign up for a free trial. Much of the content, particularly the games and shows, must be downloaded before kids can play it. Therefore, it’s best to set up the app while connected to wifi.


Within the app, kids will find a wide range of content. Some of it is more educational than others. While the goal of the app is for kids to have fun, they’ll get in some reading practice through the access to ebooks and magazines. They’ll also learn by watching the shows included in the apps and may gain some basic logic skills by playing the games.


Kids won’t be bored while interacting with KidsCast. In each category, there are plenty of activities for them to enjoy. The app also adds new content every month, ensuring that there’s always something new for kids to do. With a range of content, the app also appeals to a larger age range than many other apps for kids.


KidsCast operates based on a monthly subscription. For a monthly fee, your children get access to the latest child-friendly content curated by developers. If you’re looking for a safe, fun app for children and your children enjoy the content, it may be worth the fee. However, you should try the app to see what your children think before subscribing. A free 7-day trial is available.

Child Friendliness

In the settings area, kids will have access to information about the app, but none of the links, aside for the link to purchase a subscription are active. The in-app purchase is not protected by a parental block, so you want to be sure purchases through the App Store are password-protected before allowing your children to interact with the app.

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Kids will always have new content with a monthly subscription to KidsCast, an app full of games, books, and shows.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars