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Are you a “doobinbleeb” or a “bleebernob”? Don’t speak elfanese you say. That’s OK, you can still enjoy Kundersanterbleebin, the new must-have book for the holidays this year.

Kundersanterbleebin is a unique Christmas story that is full of fun words and great illustrations. This book is not animated and does not contain any interactive objects, but that doesn’t take away from this enchanting story of how Santa and the elves work to change bleebernobs into doobinbleebs. Beautiful background music enhances this delightful story. The read-to-me and music can be turned off.

The book can be personalized by adding the child’s name. Personalizing the book doesn’t mean your child’s name will be added to the story, just that it will appear in the “this book belongs to…” on the second page of the story.

The Christmas countdown is another feature my kids loved. They even counted the days manually to MAKE sure it was accurate! The countdown and gift-this-app features were added in the latest update. There is an e-mail link so that you can share the news of this book with your friends and family, if you choose to do so.

An important feature to navigating book apps is included. This book contains a table of contents of sorts. It’s so easy to use no matter where you are in the book; even non-readers could use it. The table of contents and the read again feature make it easy to restart the book from the end of the story.

A free version of the book is available. It contains all of the same features as the full app; just contains fewer pages.


Don’t be too surprised on Christmas Day when you see doobinbleebers walking around with soot on their noses… Kundersanterbleebin is the new holiday favorite at this house of doobinbleebs! “Tra­di­tion­al Christ­mas sto­ries are tried and true, but some­times a new story will come along and shake things up or cre­ate new tra­di­tions. Kun­der­san­terblee­bin is that story.” -Pad Gadget

“This year, I found a new tradition: Kundersanterbleebin. … illustrated with so much whimsy that you’ll hardly be able to take your eyes off the pages. …by the end of this holiday season, your family will be speaking ‘Elfanese,’ asking, ‘Are you a Doobinbleeb or a Bleebernob?’” -Daily Herald

Make Kundersanterbleebin a new holiday tradition for your family this year and every year after! Enjoy this enchanting instant classic, filled with magical words your children will never forget, and find out once and for all if you are a “doobinbleeb” or a “bleebernob”! Play the delightful narration and music or read it to your little sugar plums yourself.

Gift “Kunder” to your friends and loved ones for the perfect Christmas gift that will be passed down for generations. Visit copperpi.com to join the “Kunder” discussion and enter the contest for a limited edition art print of one of the original “Kunder” illustrations.

  • Customize the book by entering your name
  • Swipe to turn pages
  • Turn the background music on or off
  • Turn the narration on or off
  • Access a favorite page directly
  • Go back to the beginning to restart the story
  • Use the e-mail link to tell your friends and family