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Discover fun and educational activities to enjoy with your child based on his or her current levels in six key areas.

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Kidaptive, the company behind the popular Leo’s Pad apps has designed an app to help parents find activities designed with their children’s needs in mind. Like the Leo’s Pad apps, Learner Mosaic focuses on six key skill areas: knowledge, creative skills, social-emotional skills, physical skills, thinking skills, character skills. By answering questions, parents can help the app determine which skill areas their children need to focus on and at what level they need to focus on each skill. Parents will then receive a selection of suggested activities based on their children’s unique learner mosaics and, by completing the activities, continue to build out the mosaics.

Features include:

  • Custom Learner Mosaic
  • Six Key Skills
  • Lists of Ideas By Skill
  • Multiple Learner Profiles


While laid out nicely, it may take parents some time to figure out everything the app has to offer. To get started parents must create or log in to an existing Kidaptive account. From there, a simple process them set up their first learner profile. Additional learner profiles can be set up later. A series of questions and information screens also appear to introduce parents to the learner mosaic and info buttons appear on screens where parents may want more information. A side menu will help parents navigate throughout the app once they’ve completed the setup process. There they’ll find insights (suggested activities and additional questions to help customize activity choices), ideas (lists of activities that can be filtered by skill), my list (saved and completed activities and tips), and mosaic (a unique explanation of child’s current skill levels).


The goal of the app is to help parents choose meaningful activities for their children. They focus on skills such as growth mindset, play entry , mental shape manipulation, pencil grip, perspective-taking, and self-expression. Each of the individual skills falls into the six broader skill areas that make up the learner mosaic. Some activities take as little as five minutes to complete, while others can take up to 20 minutes. Parents can help ensure the suggested activities fit their children’s need by answering questions to enhance the learning mosaic.


Many of the activities aren’t what children would initially think of as fun. For example, one activity has children think of a problem at school or at home, brainstorm ideas on how to solve it, and create a prototype of it by drawing or using clay. There are also a lot of tips mixed in with the activities, for example having children draw on different types of surfaces, such as a large roll of butcher paper and a small piece of cardboard to improve their self-expression. Kids will enjoy the activities, but they’re definitely more for learning and development than fun. Parents can help make sure the activities target their children’s interests by answering questions in the insights section. For example, the app asks what kinds of puzzles and games kids like, the type of art materials they prefer, and if they enjoy reading books, telling stories, or listening to stories.


Perhaps one of the best aspects of Learner Mosaic is that it provides all of the activities and an overview of a child’s individual skills for free. While many apps and websites offer suggested activities, few take such a customized approach.

Child Friendliness

Since the app is designed for parents, it allows access to social media and outside content. For example, a share button allows parents to share individual activities through social media and e-mail. The “Ask Dr. Dylan Arena” allows parent to send specific questions to an expert. Just to enter the app parents must also sign up for an account or log in using an existing Kidaptive account. This requires parents to enter a valid e-mail address. When setting up learner profiles, parents are also asked to enter information such as their child’s name, birth date, and gender.

  • Protects initial access by requiring parents to create an account
  • NO third-party ads
  • NO in-app purchases
  • YES allows sharing via social media and e-mail
  • YES asks for kids’ names, birth date, and gender
  • YES requires parents to create an account with e-mail address

Discover fun and educational activities to enjoy with your child based on his or her current levels in six key areas.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars