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Learning Games for Preschool to Kindergarten is an iPad only app that contains seven educational games interspersed with two play areas. The games cover concepts such as colors, food, shapes, letters and numbers, sorting and matching.

You can choose which game to start with or start at the beginning; regardless, the app will automatically advance to the next game or play area. An option to control how and/or when games switch could be useful in a home or school evironment. Three of the games are locked at the beginning, but are quickly unlocked as the child advances.

Young users will like the adorable characters, fun music and cheery colors. The design elements create a friendly and inviting learning environment for kids. Overall, the interface is intuitive enough for kids, but they may need a little guidance to get started. Directions are narrated in a child-like voice that is easy to understand.

If you intend to use the detailed reporting or multiuser functionality some set up will be required before you hand it off to the kids. You are not required to use either of the features.

The app offers very detailed reporting for each user; reports can be shared on Facebook or e-mailed. A curriculum map, activity report, introductory video, etc., are available in the report card menu.

Learning Games for Preschool to Kindergarten is a multiuser app. Additional users can be added in the report card menu, which is protected. I found adding users to be a bit quirky at times, with no intuitive way to remove users or reset the account. The ability to remove or reset accounts may be ideal for teachers wanting to use this app in their classrooms. User’s name, age and gender can be set along with choosing an avatar or adding a photo. The ability to switch users is buried deep enough in the menu that kids should not be able to do so easily.

The app does not contain in-app purchases or ads. Numerous Facebook buttons and a few external links can be found in the report card menu; with the menu being protected it should prevent most young users from accessing them.

An iPhone version of this app is available in iTunes.

Bottom line

Free app without in-app purchases; short educational games for toddlers to kindergarteners to enjoy and detailed reporting features for parents.

We build fun games for learning. At Agnitus, we are committed to seeing that all children have the opportunity to realize their potential. Our innovative playtime products combine leading research and curricula developed by educators, and built with state-of-the-art ‘smart’ app technology.

Our existing version has 7 curriculum based games for 2-5 years old built-in one app covering Colors, Shapes, Letters, Counting, Memory and Shape Sorting and we also provide detailed skill-based report card available for parents.

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