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My favorite thing about Left Right Pup, an educational app aimed at children learning Left and Right, is the collage style artwork made with textural cork, vinyl, terry cloth, tempura and stitchery. It is splendid! The textures and colors bring the scenes to life, giving you this strong urge to reach out and touch it. Add in all sorts of sounds and energetic music, you find yourself quickly engaged.

Would you like to go to the park or the beach? Choose one to start and then switch whenever you like. In the park, the surfer is providing directional commands and the dog will move in the direction you choose based on the command you heard the surfer say. The word Left or Right also appears on the screen when it is spoken. The command will be repeated until a direction is chosen.

Move the dog in the correct direction and an object from their collection will appear on the screen for a short time. Be sure to grab it quickly; this part of the game moves at a much faster pace. Didn’t grab it fast enough? Don’t worry; the object will appear again at a later time. Positive reinforcements are offered regardless of how well a child performs.

Each round is made up of eight commands, half way through the character takes a quick snack break, bones for the dog and bananas for the surfer, and then the round resumes. Kids can continue to play in the park until all items are collected or they can take a break and switch to the beach.

Switching to the beach is also intended to demonstrate the characters taking turns. At the beach the surfer is the one following the commands and the dog is giving them.

When first starting the app it seemed as though we were presented the Right command more often than the Left; however, after playing through many rounds of both environments, both commands were offered about the same.

Left Right Pup does not contain in-app purchases, ads, social media buttons or external links. It is an iPad only app.

Bottom line

Awesome artwork makes this educational app for learning Left and Right come to life.

Learn left and right directionality and other important skills while training a pointer puppy in the park or guiding a young surfer at the beach! Left Right Pup is designed to empower kids to tackle the difficult and often subjective moment of left and right from an early age. In fact, in a before and after scan dominance test of children ages 3-7 who played the app, 41% saw an immediate improvement in ability to discern left from right.

In the summer settings of a park and a beach, children are able to begin the process of learning left from right. They will love the fun and fanciful pop-up animations, from a swashbuckling pirate to a happy squirrel in the park to a fellow puppy companion who drives a fruit cart, bringing treats to pup and surfer, which they enjoy with a loud, delightful CHOMP! The backgrounds, designed to mimic childhood arts and craft projects with textures like terry cloth and denim.

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