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  • Little Genius
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  • Last modified: November 19, 2019
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Review Summary:

Solve puzzles, play matching games and color pictures, all while building logic, memory and associative thinking skills!


While Little Genius may not prepare your child to qualify for Mensa, it will help develop your child’s intellect. The app features common matching, puzzle and coloring games, but play them in a slightly uncommon way. Kids travel along the path, unlocking treasure chests as they successfully complete tasks. The more they play, the more the difficulty increases. Even at the lowest levels of difficulty, however, the games are still challenging because the app does not provide any verbal directions. Kids must figure it out on their own.

The world of “Genius Gnome” is colorful and entertaining. A frog sits in the corner and strums his guitar as kids play games. Every four games completed successfully results in an open treasure chest full of books, helping kids understand that reading and gaining knowledge is a much of a treasure as gold coins.

Features include:

  • 4 Different Games
  • Increasing levels of difficulty
  • Incentives to keep playing


From the bright colors to the catchy background sounds, kids will enjoy interacting with Little Genius. The world of “Genius Gnome” is not extensive, so kids will not get lost as they travel along the path and tap on different treasure chests to open different levels of games. The app responds quickly as kids tap their way through the games and immediately brings up the next game to keep kids interested.


The educational value of Little Genius does not necessarily come from the matching games, puzzles and coloring pages included in the app. Rather, it comes from the fact that the app does not provide verbal instructions for any of the activities. As kids play the games, they must figure out what they are supposed to do, which requires a higher-level of thinking than most apps of this type. It may be a bit frustrating for kids at first, but the rotation of the games stays the same at each level, so soon kids will be playing the games with ease.


Kids will enjoy each of the four games offered by Little Genius and will also like to open treasure chests as they successfully complete each round of games. However, the entertainment value will only last so long. While the games increase in difficulty as kids play the game, the games still stay the same and follow the same rotation. This is not an app kids will play for long periods of time. Instead, they will enjoy going through a couple rounds of four games each and then put it down, ready for something different.


There are numerous free apps available that offer the same types of games kids can play with the Little Genius app. However, those apps are not necessarily designed with the same quality or cognitive skills in mind. The price for this app may seem a bit steep, but it is worth the price for the type of logic and associative thinking skills it develops.

Child Friendliness

At first, children may be frustrated as they figure out how to play the games since the app does not offer a lot direction. Wanting to tap on the locked treasure boxes may also be a frustration. However, kids will figure the games out quickly and advance in levels so that the locked treasure boxes are quickly unlocked.

Parents can rest assured that kids will stay within the app. A contact form and links to Facebook and Twitter pages are contained in a special parents’ section of the app, which can be found by clicking on a very small icon most children will not even notice.

Solve puzzles, play matching games and color pictures, all while building logic, memory and associative thinking skills!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars