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  • Little Luna-Big Talent
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Review Summary:

Little Luna-Big Talent is a fun, interactive app that children will love for all of the awesome illustrations and the silly 'tooting' music throughout.

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Little Luna-Big Talent is a cute interactive app that uses a unique feature of the bombardier beetles (tooting) to create music and play games. This app is full of wonderful illustrations, music, sounds, along with a very fun & unique theme that children are sure to get a kick out of.

Features include:

  • Narration throughout
  • 3 Interactive games
  • Fun music


It is clear that a lot of time and effort went into creating this high quality app as it is full of cute, interactive images, music, and games. The developers have also done a nice job of creating an app that allows for free playing as children move through each scene and explore the various images and interactive pieces. The interface is smooth and it’s easy for even small children to use. When you add to that the fun sound effects (including the tooting), music, and narration, this app is very well done.


While this app isn’t specifically an educational app it does provide a few games that allow children to practice patterns and animal recognition. The shadow puppet game is great for little ones to identify various animals that Luna creates on her wall and with three different levels to try, it provides tons of practice. There is also another game where players follow along with the ‘toot’ music and must tap out the music according to the notes that are coming up. There are three difficulty levels in this game as well which is great for children to practice following along with music and colors.

The intro also includes some fun facts about the bombardier beetles and how they toot as a defense mechanism and how it plays into the app itself which is a fun fact for children to learn and share.


The whole concept of this app is highly entertaining. The tooting references and music making is a lot of fun and will surely provide for lots of giggles. The exploratory nature of the app with games sprinkled through out allows children to go at their own pace and really enjoy what the app has to offer. The three games include, shadow puppet identification, matching musical melodies, and target toot shooting. Each game also includes three levels of difficulty for children to advance through which provides for lots of fun and practice.

There are also many interactive images throughout the app that little ones will love. The toilets flush, they can search for the ingredients to make a lice cake, find fun bugs throughout, ring the doorbell etc. All of these interactive pieces add to the entertainment value of the app.


Priced at just under three dollars this app is a great deal. There is so much to explore and do in the app that children will be playing this app a lot and it is sure to become a favorite. The three games, interactive images, and free flow of the app makes for lots of exploring and play.

Child Friendliness

Little Luna-Big Talent is a great app for children of all ages. While there is an introduction that helps children understand the app a little bit better, moving through the app does take some getting used to as there are no specific instructions. There are little arrows that help guide children through the app which is helpful. The games also provide instructions for little ones that can be reviewed at any time.

Parents will be happy to know that all of the additional options, language settings, social media, and other app links can only be accessed using a protected settings button. The settings button does show up in the main part of the app, however it blends in well and is not distracting. The parents area is also where the playing time can be adjusted to limit the amount of time children are able to access the app.

Little Luna-Big Talent is a fun, interactive app that children will love for all of the awesome illustrations and the silly 'tooting' music throughout.

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