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Introduce early learners to the French language with the help of one popular multilingual panda. PBS fans might recognize Little Pim as the star of a the group’s foreign language immersion series. We had the privilege of spending some time with Little Pim a few months ago when Little Pim Spanish was released. And we’re happy to report all the great features we loved in that app are in this new French offering.

Educational Approach

Utilizing a three-pronged approach, Little Pim French introduces children to basic French nouns, verbs and phrases. First children see and hear the French word as well as a photographic representation. Then their new knowledge is reinforced through a guided game. Finally young learners have a chance to put their new language skills to work, identifying the correct items and words for each learned term.

The app is designed around the trademarked Entertainment Immersion Method, where fun and learning collide to help children retain common words and phrases they might hear in everyday life.

Kid (and Parent) Friendly

Not only does the Little Pim French app tuck links to outside content safely away in a settings menu, it also contains an extremely thorough explanation of the app, right down to a step by step playing guide. A dictionary of the French terms in the app is also here in the information tab, something parents will no doubt find helpful as their little learner starts to use these new words.

Bottom line

At just $2.99, Little Pim French is another homerun from PBS Kids. As the French would say, c’est bon!

Introduce your early learner to French with our favorite panda pal, Little Pim! Designed for native English speakers who are interested in French, “Little Pim French” helps young children develop basic vocabulary about eating and drinking, playing and sharing, and sleeping and waking. The app introduces a total of 60 French words and phrases.

“Little Pim French” includes three interactive games: (1) Eating and Drinking, (2) Playtime, and (3) Wake Up Smiling. In addition, each game includes three levels of play, covering basic nouns (level one), verbs (level two), and short phrases (level three).

The method at each game level is to first demonstrate the vocabulary word or phrase both visually and aurally, then to help the player acquire the vocabulary, and lastly to validate and reinforce the newly acquired knowledge. Animation and interactivity help provide context in this immersive language learning experience.

The “Little Pim French” app was developed by Tribal Nova in partnership with PBS and Little Pim Corporation, producers of the LITTLE PIM foreign language immersion DVD series. Winner of 22 industry awards, LITTLE PIM uses the Entertainment Immersion Method (TM), which introduces and reinforces simplewords and phrases for everyday activities. Find the DVD series at littlepim.com.