You Make Me Smile, Albert

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  • You Make Me Smile, Albert
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You Make Me Smile, Albert will make kids smile with its cute animations and touching story.

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Albert is a dog, but he’s not just any dog. He’s a dog who really cares about his animal friends. This short animated story teaches kids a very simple lesson about taking the time to make others smile.

Features include:

  • Touching story
  • Animated illustrations
  • Good moral lesson
  • Spirtual elements


Developers spent time crafting a quality short story for kids. On the sides of the screen, kids will see icons that allow them to control the narration and the animations. They can also navigate between the pages of the story. The narration in the story is done well and the text is easy to read. While somewhat simple, the animations are also done well and the illustrations fit the story well.


As the story is read, the text appears at the top of the screen. The text is not highlighted as it is read, but it is presented in short chunks. Some of the animations include speech bubbles which are not narrated. This may pose s bit of a challenge for younger readers.

Along with the textual elements, the story offers a great lesson for kids. Albert is a kind dog who cares for others, prays for his children, and helps out his friends. His actions make them smile and will encourage kids to make others smile too.


The story is fairly short and seems to end a bit abruptly. Kids will only be disappointed by this because the story is a good one that helps hold their interest. They’ll love the animated illustrations and feel connected to the animals on the page.


Despite being short, this animated story offers quality illustrations, animations, and narration. It also has a great moral lesson. These factors make it worth a download.

Child Friendliness

This app only contains the animated story. What you see if what you get. There are not any settings screens, parent areas, or other elements to take kids out of the story.

  • NO 3rd party ads
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You Make Me Smile, Albert will make kids smile with its cute animations and touching story.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars