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Make the Face! is an iPad only app for young kids, but kids of all ages will have fun. Your child’s observation and hand-eye coordination skills are likely to increase as they play Make the Face; as they complete the face, they will need to pay close attention to the details of the eyes, nose, mouth and other objects, which will help them improve their observation skills, and as they drag and drop the objects, it will improve their hand-eye coordination.

Children can choose from twelve faces or a free-style face; faces include people such as a Santa, queen, police woman, nurse, pirate and a clown to name a few.

Once the child chooses a face, they are then asked to make the blank face match the picture. It must match exactly before it is considered complete. The child chooses the objects from the items provided. If the wrong nose is chosen, for example, it will not stay on the face, but falls back down. When the child has chosen the correct nose, a guide will appear to help the child place it correctly, which comes in handy for placing eyes. Different sounds also guide the child in whether the object is correct or not. Upon completion of the face, positive feedback is given and the child is returned to the faces menu.

For the free-style face, children can change the face as often as they like by dragging new objects to the face. You can make some crazy looking characters!

The overall design is easy to use and intuitive; however, some children may require help getting started. While on the faces menu, carnival-type music is playing. There is a button on the faces screen to mute the music. The colors and graphics add to the festive atmosphere.

This is a safe and kid-friendly app as there are no other buttons or links for your child to access. We like to see apps like this!

Bottom line

Make the Face! is a fun, kid-friendly app that is reasonably priced!
Make the Face! is an intuitive game for toddlers and kids that challenges their perception and observation skills.

Kids are asked to create faces by dragging and dropping the correct parts (hair, eyes, nose, mouth, neck etc) to an initially empty face. Furthermore, the game’s free-style option enables kids to create whatever faces they like through using any of the available face parts.

The game’s kids-friendly interface has been specially designed to be fully operational without the help of an adult. Each face is just two clicks away without any complex steps that can give kids a hard time.

Sound support in the English, German and Greek languages (the language can be changed through the IPad’s Settings application).

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