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Makesto takes story creation to a whole new level with the freedom for children to craft, illustrate, narrate and produce their very own stories. Fun for children of all ages!

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Makesto is an incredibly creative story building app that allows children to be the author, illustrator, and producer of their own creations. With loads of features including pictures, drawing, voice record, and the ability to share their creations with others, this app offers loads of creative freedom for children of all ages.
Features include:

  • Voice record
  • Drawing/coloring
  • Story creation


Makesto is no doubt a great app for natural story tellers as it allows children to write, color, create, and narrate their very own stories. With loads of extras to add to the overall feel of their story, this app offers a great deal of freedom for children to explore their creativity. The user interface is pretty simple to use, however there are lots of bells and whistles that may take some time to explore before children can really get a hang for how to best use the app. Adding a little ‘how to’ video to get children acclimated to the tools available to them would really be helpful.


Not rated for education.


There is no limit to what children can do with this app and those with wild imaginations who love telling their own stories are absolutely going to love what Makesto has to offer. The basic premise of the app is to allow children to craft, illustrate and narrate their very own stories. They can draw in the illustrations, choose from a gallery of images or create their own while telling the story and adding sound effects with the voice record option. There are also added effects that can be used to enhance the interest and engagement in the illustrations to help tell the story and an option to allow the story to play more like a movie which is a lot of fun.

After the story is complete, players can then save, publish or share their story (with a parent’s help). Children can also view other stories that are made public by other users and rate their favorites. Overall children are going to love this app as they explore the various features to create, illustrate, and narrate their very own highly imaginative stories.


It’s hard to believe a creative app like this one with so many options and features could be offered for free, but it is! Parents will appreciate Makesto not only for the price tag, but also for the unlimited play time that children can get out of it.

Child Friendliness

Overall the developers have done a nice job creating an app that is safe and fairly easy for children to use. With a bit of exploration and playing with the different options, children will get the hang of the added features and begin creating their own awesome stories in no time. Adding a brief ‘how to’ video would be helpful for younger users just getting started and would help to make this app a bit more user friendly.

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Makesto takes story creation to a whole new level with the freedom for children to craft, illustrate, narrate and produce their very own stories. Fun for children of all ages!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars