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  • Math Ahoy!
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A little world geography, a little math and a whole lot of tactical thinking, Math Ahoy is a must download whether you have kids or not.

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Outwit the King’s fleet as you travel the world collecting pirate treasure. Children and adults will enjoy this high quality game.

Features include:

  • Multiple educational benefits
  • Entertaining and child safe learning environment


Math Ahoy is a great combination of high quality design elements; the sounds, graphics and user interface let the user feel as though they really are the captain of a pirate ship sailing the high seas collecting pirate treasure around the world.

A few in-app tips are available at the beginning of level one; take the time to read them as they are helpful in understanding the game play concept.


Using a world map you captain a pirate ship, traveling the world collecting treasure being careful to avoid being arrested by the King’s fleet. The wind speed and the numbers on the captain’s wheel are used to control the movement of the ship on the map. Basic addition and subtraction skills are used.

Yes, math is the main focus of the app; however, kids will get a great introduction to world geography as they move between the different cities located on various continents.

Similar to a board game, the user uses basic math skills to strategically plan their next move to quickly pick up treasure before the King’s fleet can arrest them.


Entertaining and challenging, Math Ahoy is an educational game kids and adults will return to; one reason this app needs multiple user accounts. The addition of multiple user accounts would enable more than one member of a family to play.

Making how the King’s fleet movement is determined more obvious would help the user in planning their next move. Explaining it in the in-app tips or showing the change on the wheel during the fleet’s turn would be helpful.


Math Ahoy is an outstanding iPad only app. Levels can be replayed after completion or the entire app can be reset. The addition of multiple user accounts would be a great benefit for families.

Child Friendliness

Kids play this game in a completely child friendly environment. This app does not contain social media or external links, ads or in-app purchases. Exactly the kind of environment we expect of apps for kids and educational apps.

A little world geography, a little math and a whole lot of tactical thinking, Math Ahoy is a must download whether you have kids or not.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars