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Math Doodles presents math concepts in an irresistible manner. The main screen is a perfect example of the unique approach this iPad app takes in showing kids that math is fun. Many of the doodles on this screen are interactive. One doodle that caught my eye is of professionals and people who do math; not only mad scientists, but wildlife biologists, game designers and nuclear engineers. Kids today still wonder why they need to learn this “stupid” stuff, because they are NEVER going to use it. I remember thinking the same thing and I actually liked math!


To start, Math Doodles offers four challenges; Sums Stacker, Connect Sums, Unknown Square and Splat GoRound.

Sums Stacker is a good challenge for beginners; the user drags the objects from stack to stack until the sum of the objects in each stack equals the target sum shown at the bottom of the stack.

The Connect Sums challenge has the user touch the objects displayed to equal the target sum. During the Hard mode, the user must be able to connect the objects.

Unknown Square is a little more challenging as it requires the user to determine the missing value of the letters in the grid.

Splat GoRound is a work-in-progress challenge. The kids will love this one! This challenge has the user choosing the correct hour, minutes, angle or fraction to move the fly swatter hand on the clock in order to splat the fly.

Modes of Difficulty

All of the Challenges, except Splat GoRound, offer two modes, Easy or Hard. Splat GoRound has only Easy at this time.

Challenge Modes

Challenge Modes are for choosing how long the user wants to play the Challenge.

Solve Mode requires the user to solve five sets in the least amount of moves.

In the Infinity Mode the user plays until they choose to stop. This is the only mode currently available for Splat GoRound.

Race Mode is for those that want to race against the timer; multiple options are available. The timer is uniquely represented by a small sheet of paper that moves around the outer edge of the screen.

Options for Representing Values in the Challenges

Not only is the number of choices for values unbelievable, but the options themselves are amazing, too. Standard items such as dice, fingers, roman numerals, U.S. coins and dollars, and tallies are available; as are more unique and challenging choices such as braille, Spanish tallies, Spanish words, Chinese numbers and more. Up to 25 options are available. Don’t know braille, Chinese or Spanish, don’t worry; a key is available to help.


Math Doodles is super easy for all users to navigate. It is not one of those apps that you find yourself clicking through menu after menu to choose the options for play. In Math Doodles simply choose the challenge then choose the objects to represent values, the challenge mode and the difficulty all on the same screen.

The manner in which positive feedback and acknowledgment of when the set has been completed correctly is offered will encourage the user to continue playing.

Yes, this app is named Math Doodles for a reason. All of the artwork looks as though it has been taken from notebooks, napkins and all sorts of scrap paper. The doodles are extraordinary and add to the whimsical feel.

Due to the app not providing narration of the instructions some users may need assistance.

Math Doodles is completely kid-safe. It does not contain in-app purchases, ads, social media buttons or external links. We love these kinds of apps!

Bottom line

Math is Fun! Math Doodles is a prime example of how math can be fun; kid-safe, extraordinary artwork, tons of options and loads of fun.
It wasn’t until after my school years, that I became a lover of math. I managed to slip through all of those classes, text books, and homework assignments, without learning one of the most important math lessons of all. Math IS FUN!
I design Math Doodles to provide a place where anyone can discover the joy, wonder, and fun of mathematics.

This version of “Math Doodles” introduces three challenges plus an additional functional sneak peek challenge that will be made available in it’s finished form in a future free update. Each Challenge provides plenty of mathematical practice, within a recreational math setting. The mathematical puzzles allow users to play, explore, and experiment with mathematical concepts, while developing and strengthening their strategy and problem solving skills. Math Doodles challenges are designed to allow for multiple solutions and strategies. There isn’t only one correct answer.