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  • MathLab for Grade2
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Review Summary:

MathLab for Grade 2 is a fun math practice app that will give lots of mixed practice to students on vital skills, many of which are not commonly seen in other second grade level math apps.

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MathLab for Grade 2 is a multi-skilled look at second grade math skills. Students can practice computation, attributes, odd/even, calendar skills, and more with a host of different exercises that become progressively more challenging. Play is available in four languages: English, French, Spanish, and German.

Features include:

  • 17 Math Labs designed to reinforce a wide array of skills
  • 2 games to add interest
  • Includes higher-level thinking skills such as matrices and graphing
  • Optional peppy background music
  • Intuitive interface for children


MathLab for Grade 2 is a high-quality app that kids will enjoy using. The interface is intuitive, so players will not have to “figure things out” or spend a lot of time learning what to do to accomplish their goals. The app allows for multiple users and keeps scores individually, making it practical to use in a family or classroom setting, and individual user progress can be reset to the beginning if desired.


This app provides a lot of good, solid practice for children in a wide array of grade 2 math skills. Each type of problem gradually becomes more challenging. Skills covered include addition and subtraction, attending to attributes of shapes and numbers, reading simple bar and line graphs, understanding time, calendar concepts and season, skip counting, greater than/less than, measurement, place value, expanded notation, fractions and beginning multiplication and division.

Each screen presents a new problem with a missing answer. Two answers are presented below the problem, and the student much choose the correct response. When it is chosen, the app starts a cheering sound effect. If an incorrect answer is chosen, the app makes a low growling noise and allows the student to choose the other response.

One minor concern is that students receive little feedback about incorrect responses.  The app is set up so that the goal is to get through the exercises, and some students barely notice when they’ve made an error. They simply pick the other response without understanding why or even fully registering that they have done so.  The app would likely be a more effective learning tool if there was a more aversive response to incorrect answers, such as losing points or even dropping into some sort of corrective routine.


MathLab for Grade 2 is fun for young elementary students to play. Children find the cheering and applause that the app offers to be motivating and rewarding, and several who I watched play the game made a goal out of responding as quickly and accurately as possible to keep the cheering sounds playing without pause.  The app is divided into two sections: “laboratories” that drill specific skills and an island adventure treasure map where each section of practice moves the player’s “pirate” closer to the buried treasure on the island.  The app also keeps “score” and children can watch their point values rise.  However, once played through to the end of the treasure map, there did not seem to be any particular pay-off that would keep kids coming back for more, and the points don’t seem to lead anywhere in particular, either.


This app is a great value, especially for families and classrooms that have several children who might play it.  For a small investment, your young child will practice literally hundreds of different problems, including some more unusual ones such as matrices and skip counting, which are often missing from most math apps for kids in this age group.  Even if the kids only play through the app one time, they will have spent a significant amount of time practicing vital skills.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child friendly.  The only possible drawback is not a danger to children but might prove to be an inconvenience: the area where new players can be added or player scores deleted is accessible to all without a gate. A child looking to cause problems could erase records or add inappropriately-named players.

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MathLab for Grade 2 is a fun math practice app that will give lots of mixed practice to students on vital skills, many of which are not commonly seen in other second grade level math apps.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars