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  • Meerkat Puzzles
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Meet the Meerkat family and get to know them as you play through a variety of simple games and solve fun puzzles.

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Meet the Meerkats, a family of seven fun meerkats, each with a different personality. Matt Meerkat loves adventure. Milly Meerkat loves taking pictures. Aunty Myrtle Meerkat appreciates style. All of the mMerkats have something different to offer, making them appeal to a wide variety of kids. As kids read through the book, they’ll get to know each of the Meerkats better by playing a variety of games, from catching bats and cracking codes to playing Sudoku and putting together puzzles. All of the games and activities will give kids plenty of time to spend with the Meerkat family.

Features include:

  • Fun-loving Meerkat family
  • A variety of fun games
  • Fun sound effects
  • Easy-to-navigate pages


Each of the Meerkats’ individual style and personality shines through the quality illustrations. The same quality also appears in the bright colors and sound effects that follow kids as they read through the book. However, many of the games and activities lack the same quality. Kids simply complete basic Sudoku puzzles, word searches, and other simple games, which mirror the same games found in other books by the developer. Kids will enjoy them nonetheless, but parents may wish they offered a little bit extra.


While all of the games and activities will entertain kids, the real highlight of the app is the parachuting game. Kids get the opportunity to accompany Milly as she jumps out of a plane. As Milly falls, they can tilt the screen to avoid rocks and hit the birds to earn extra points. When compared to the puzzles, word searches, and other basic games within the app, this particular game really stands out.


For a series of basic games with only one standout game, parents may wish for a slightly lower price tag. However, kids will still find plenty to entertain them and will enjoy getting to know the Meerkat family as they play from page to page.

Child Friendliness

The simple games means it’s easy for kids to get through them all without getting frustrated and while still having a lot of fun. If they don’t like a particular activity, they don’t have to complete it before moving on to the next one, giving them a lot of control over how they read and experience the book. Access to other books and apps from the developer hides behind a parental lock, but clever kids may figure out how to get past it.

Meet the Meerkat family and get to know them as you play through a variety of simple games and solve fun puzzles.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars