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Introduce your little ones to a wide range of musical instruments at a young age with Meet the Orchestra for iPad.

This well-appointed app exposes children to the names, pictures and sounds of 20 popular orchestra instruments, from the piano to the French horn. Along the way they get to enjoy a wide range of classical music as each instrument performs.

If your child loves music, or plans on playing an instrument, this is a great basic instrument primer. It’s especially useful for earn training, a skill that many musicians need for theory classes in high school and college.

The app is divided into two parts, learning and quizzes. Once your child has time to learn the names and sounds of the instruments, it’s time to play games centered on the instruments. There are four different mini games tucked into the quiz part of the app.

First they will have to identify instruments by site and by sound. Later a game will music clips from different instruments one after another, and your child must identify them on the screen in the correct order. There’s also a fun matching game, for a bit of healthy variety. After all, music is fun, and developing an appreciation in children at a young age is a great way to encourage future music enrichment.

The Meet the Orchestra iPad app is also extremely kid-friendly, with no outside links or ads and a user interface that’s simple and fun.

Bottom line

Meet the Orchestra manages to be fun and educational without pushing the envelope. This app is a fabulous addition to any music loving family.

An easy to understand and beautifully designed game that will capture your child’s imagination and teach him or her how musical instruments sound and look. Probably, the best introduction to classical music.

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