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Milk for Us provides an app that is great for organizing your shopping needs.  With Milk for Us, moms and dads can create their grocery shopping lists, either alone or together with other household members.  The Milk for Us app was designed to help families save time when creating their shopping lists, as well as when they are actually in the grocery store!  I thought that this list-making app could definitely come in handy and make life easier for busy parents.

I love how compiling your lists is quick and easy, because you can choose from hundreds of pre-populated products.  For instance, you can just start typing “mi”, tap on “Milk”, and done!  Also, the more you use the app, the easier it becomes because the app pays attention to what you buy most frequently and will “auto-guess” better with time.

As far as actual in-store help, the app allows you to configure different stores, each with a different aisle layout.  This way, when you go shopping, you can sort your list for the store you are currently using.  This is a great help for mom and dad, because it doesn’t really matter if you are usually the one who goes to this particular store, you’ll still be able to find things easily!

Speaking of sharing the shopping duty, Milk for Us uses realtime syncing – this allows parents to always be “in-sync” with each other when it comes to what’s needed at the house.  You can even go shopping together and see what your partner checks off the list in realtime while you are both shopping the same store!  I should mention that syncing can be activated through an in-app purchase.  Another great feature – the Milk for Us app comes with an Apple Watch app for those who have begun to rely on their watch for this type of need!

I really like the Milk for Us app.  I think that this app could help parents be more in sync at the house and share the shopping responsibilities with ease.  I definitely recommend this app if you are the type of person who likes to be organized!

Milk for Us – Grocery shopping made easy
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