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To say that my family loves physics type apps is an understatement. We own a couple of other apps similar to Monster Physics; though my family enjoyed playing the others they always wished it could do more. Well, along comes Monster Physics and problem solved! This awesome universal app contains features the other apps are missing; such as all of the parts are available from the beginning, no need to earn them before you use them in the free play area. One other feature is that the app is designed in a way that you are much more likely to learn about physics, concepts and how to apply them.

Monster Physics teaches the user about physics in a way that is fun; the “Learn” section is dedicated to teaching you important physics concepts such as gravity, friction and speed and velocity; more importantly it explains the concepts in a way that kids can understand them and apply that knowledge in the missions portion of the app.

The tutorial missions are exercises designed to teach you how to use various parts. Assuming you start with the “Learn” section and complete the tutorial missions, you will have enough knowledge to work your way through the remaining missions, which do become gradually more difficult. You are not required to complete the learning section or the missions before moving on to more difficult levels or the free play area. Monster Physics offers the user complete flexibility in how they want to play the game.

Fifty missions are divided into five categories; starting with the tutorial missions and ending with the Advanced missions. One nice thing about the missions is that in most cases there is not just one solution, anything is correct as long as the mission is completed. Missions are not timed.

The “Build” section allows the user to invent to the extent their imagination allows, with the abundance of building objects; such as magnets, wings, and rockets; materials like wood, metal, rubber, and ice; connection methods; such as welding, ropes, chains, and various types of joints, available the possibilities are endless.

Up to five player profiles can be created, each profile has a customized monster. In the settings menu, music and sounds can be muted and player profiles can be deleted. The app is super easy to use, reading long complicated instructions is not necessary before beginning.

The app does not contain in-app purchases, ads or social media buttons. It does contain a more apps button on the main screen, which when touched could cause the user to exit the game. I say “could”, because when the button is touched the user will be prompted before exiting.

Bottom line

Monster Physics is another awesome app by Dan Russell-Pinson, download it now! It is the perfect combination of learning and entertainment.
Monster Physics is a unique building app that lets you play with physics! Build and operate your own car, crane, rocket ship, plane, helicopter, tank and more!


▸ Create your own monster avatar

▸ Design and operate your own inventions

▸ Solve 50 fun missions

▸ Build with 68 different parts

▸ Learn common physics terms

▸ Create up to six player profiles

▸ Enjoy fun sound effects and music

▸ Powered by a realistic physics engine

▸ Retina support for iPad 3 and iPhone 4

▸ Works on both iPhone and iPad – a universal app

Suggested age range: 10 to 110

Regular price: $1.99